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About Us

Where Plastics Are Born

Mission Statement

To be the premier developer, manufacturer, and supplier of high value consumer products, while consistently providing superior customer service.

Our Motto

JPLs moto is to provide high quality, affordable products to our customers. Our product line is diverse. We design, manufacture and distribute items in HDPE, PET AND PP materials.

Our Strengths

JPLs strengths are Customer Service, Flexibility and Innovation. We can partner with you for customized product offerings in color, design and packaging.

JPLs products are categorized as “Long Service Life” and therefore are environmentally sustainable.

In order to exceed your expectations, JPL emphasizes quality management as a developer, manufacturer and supplier of high value, consumer products. We have developed processes to continually improve customer quality requirements and regulatory compliance.

We at JPL pledge to continually search for new and better ways to improve our environment. We strive to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, solid waste, and water usage that continually threatens our ecosystem. All of our plastic scrap, used corrugated containers, wrapping materials and pallets are recycled. None of these materials are deposited in landfills.

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